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He was highly inspirational, engaged with his audience and most importantly motivated me

His way of presenting was easy to follow, entertaining and at the same time makes you think about your own plans and that nothing is impossible.You definitely walk away with a buzz that you can do anything


Graham was the keynote speaker at our team event for over 250 people. He tailored his motivational session to be in line with, and relevant to our business. Humour and enthusiasm were at the forefront to the success of Graham’s presentation. We had fabulous feedback from the team, and would be happy to recommend Graham for any further engagement.


‘He has a knack of allowing you to see something from a different angle and discover opportunities that you may not have considered’


‘Graham kicked off the evening in a thought provoking way which set the tone for ‘thinking differently’


‘He engaged with the previously sceptical (and very varied in terms of experience) audience immediately and had them cheering and applauding within minutes. His methods are inventive and very effective’


‘Graham was one of our key presenters at the Conwy Business Week and gave an insightful, challenging session on Building Great Business Relationships. We value Graham’s wisdom and experience and his enthusiastic delivery techniques’

‘Clearly the best in his field‘

‘A truly inspirational man. I will be at the next seminar’

‘He really made you think and see just how easy it can be’

‘Very engaging delivery and the time flew as it was such good fun’

‘Graham has the rare ability to direct a group of individuals to learn and discover knowledge themselves’



‘Graham delivered it with such enthusiasm you could see everyone in the room ‘buzzing’