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Clients are more educated and clued up than ever before. It’s never been easier to access and check out resources. For companies with an ethical conscience the timing is perfect to showcase and sell.

Ethical approach

Here at Perception we are a discerning bunch. We only work with experts, the people who know their product and field. Couple this with our expert knowledge and we have a powerful combination that lets us engage with customers, find new markets and create valuable opportunities.


That’s why we’ve identified and won multi-million pound contracts for businesses


We get a real buzz out of seeing companies reaching their potential and grow.


Working with professionals such as architects and accountants to distributors and retail multiples Perception has got all bases covered.

Still not convinced, then perhaps these facts will change your mind…


68% of customers change suppliers because they believe that their current supplier doesn’t care about them - Rockefeller Corp Study


So it’s easy. Let’s give your customers some tender, loving care – because a little tlc can go a long way.


81% would pay extra to guarantee an additional or better service – Oracle

Give them a reason to ‘want’ to pay more. We can add the value that makes all the difference


‘Delighted’ customers are 5 times more likely to buy from you again compared to those who are merely ‘satisfied’ IPSOS Loyalty Report.

Hmmmm…we thought that one would grab your attention! Still wondering where your energy should be focussed? We collaborate with companies and teams to build that value

Turning clients into raving fans of your business isn’t a strategy – it’s an attitude.

How do we do it?


Know what you want and who you really want to work with Where are the best opportunities for us?


Let’s get creative and start talking and evaluating if we can work together Can we add real value? Will we all enjoy it?


Keep what you have and build
Become indispensable making it difficult for anyone else to even consider competing

Who we work with

Sales Teams
  • They know the product but can lack that extra sparkle to make it shine
  • We’re experts in identifying those tiny areas that can be enhanced. Sometimes the small adjustments bring the biggest returns
  • We can spot the conflicts a mile off – and find the resolutions
  • We are great at spotting talent and developing it
  • We get the mindset and skills aligned – to get great results
  • Established sales teams and reluctant sales people
Sales Processes, Strategy & Culture
  • Does it work? Everything should focus around keeping what you have and building on it
  • How do you know if it’s working?
  • Culture and attitude are as important – some would argue even more important than the strategy
  • We focus on how to retain customers, how to maximise the opportunities with them – then get them to shout from the rooftops about it
  • Forensic analysis of what isn’t working
Sales Consulting
  • We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in with one-off projects, embedding new people and processes and even partnering on sales calls
  • External eyes and ears can be really powerful and we have acted as outsourced Sales Directors on many occasions
Sales Presentations
  • Slick presentations are just not enough these days. We all need to be authentic, honest and professional.
  • Turning up with a few slides and some clip art is still scarily regular
  • Make the formal informal. Relaxed, engaging and knowledgeable is the perfect combination
  • Having confidence and trusting in ourselves
  • People still want to buy from people, and

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