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Been there. Seen it, done it. We even have some bruises! Exactly as it should be

Our advice will always be honest, carried out with integrity and respect and be well considered.  We are not arrogant enough to think that we have all of the answers, however we are confident enough to know that we’ll be able to find them.

Okay, we will be a critical ear or a shoulder to cry (lightly). We will often give you that much needed nudge to get you moving in the right direction.

We give an honest interpretation of the situation pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly and then drawing up a plan of action that will see you get dramatic results.

Perception delivers real time consultancy expertise to each business we deal with. Our team have run businesses – we come across so many consultants, advisors and coaches who are currently running their very first business.

From a deep dive analysis of your complete business to focussing on specific areas through analysing, diagnosing and prescribing, it’s what great consultants like us do.

We have a team around us who are experts in finance, operations, human resources and marketing and communications.

From assessing the operational capabilities to grow to helping to interview for a key position, we will get our hands dirty and enjoy every minute at the same time.

The challenges of every business are rarely new but they are unique to your business.

So how do we operate?

We are open  and impartial with an honest approach. By being there to help you when you need us most you will quickly see how we can really make a difference.

Our phones are on, we check our emails (very regularly – almost obsessively!!) and we don’t clock watch.

Sounds ideal? We have clients who will agree. And if you ask nicely, we are sure we can get them to share their experiences, secrets and successes.

Don’t forget to ask about our Guarantee, because by working closely with our Partners it means we get to know how they tick.

It means we care and we get excited when our clients start to reap the results.  We will support you 100% when you face challenges (and they do happen) and stand back and smile as we watch you flourish and fly.

Insights Assessment

Where are the opportunities?  Predicting the hurdles before they are clearly in sight (because we know they are always there). Preparing for success – with an amazing opportunity to prepare the groundwork. Fail to prepare; prepare to fail.

Research the Market

So what is everyone else up to? Where are the gaps? How can our dynamic and innovative approach impact on your business to drive success and ultimately deliver fantastic results?


Exit Strategy

Preparing to get out – because the world of business offers so many opportunities. Or whether that’s selling the business or looking to take less of a hands-on role.


We only work with experts, the people who know their product and field. Couple this with our expert knowledge and we have a powerful combination that lets us engage with customers, find new markets and create valuable opportunities.

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