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Real. Inspiring. Relevant. Motivating with a purpose

It’s all about audience not the speaker. Keeping it real and making it something that
everyone can relate to is the starting point.

He has a knack of allowing you to see something from a different angle and discover opportunities that you may not have considered

The Curious Leader

Leadership isn’t just for the day job. Leadership is for life

We do it instinctively in so many situations – here we explore what really works practically and influences our relationships. Fun, challenging & thought provoking – all participants will come away with real practical easy to implement tips on making a difference

The Curious Salesperson

Whether you Love or Hate sales – there’s rarely an in-between. In this talk we challenge the traditional thoughts on what sales really is and provoke reluctant salespeople into action. By being Inquisitive we can naturally build relationships, long term clients and our revenue streams

This keynote will challenge seasoned sales professionals and inspire those reluctant relationship builders within any organisation


It’s tough work just standing talking – I know we make it look easy but it’s not …. Honest!


We love to shove, push, nudge and pull an audience.  Provoke thought about how to use the ideas we create. Let’s call it active listening


If you want a group to come away with a list of ‘must do’s’ then give us a shout


If you just want a speaker to talk at an audience, show how clever they are and fill some time – then there are others more suitably qualified

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Graham was the keynote speaker at our team event for over 250 people. He tailored his motivational session to be in line with, and relevant to our business. Humour and enthusiasm were at the forefront to the success of Graham’s presentation. We had fabulous feedback from the team, and would be happy to recommend Graham for any further engagement.

Just some of the organisations we have worked with